College of Arts & Letters

AL Student Computing Labs


Arts & Letters is responsible for several discipline specific labs around campus to service the needs of our departments.

See a video of the Lab Survival Session for the computers in MRP 1003/1005/1007/1009, MND 3002/3006, and CPS 301.

Computer labs can be categorized in many ways. Here is how we define our labs;

  • Open Lab - Used by certain classes for lecture/lab time. Has open hours posted for use by all students.
  • Teaching Lab - Used by specific classes to teach using special software or hardware. May have hours for open labs to be used by the students taking those classes.
  • Project Lab - Used by students taking classes to complete projects. May have hours available to be scheduled for students to use to complete their project.
Location Category Description
Capistrano 301 Teaching Lab Music Department Midi Lab
Calaveras 131 Open Lab English Department
Mariposa 1003 Teaching Lab Graphics Design Lab
Mariposa 1005 Teaching Lab Photography Lab
Mariposa 1007 Teaching Lab Art Lab
Mariposa 1009 Teaching Lab Interior Design Lab
Mendocino 2001 Project Lab COMS Audio Lab
Mendocino 3002 Teaching Lab Journalism Lab
Mendocino 3003 Teaching Lab Journalism Laptop Lab
Mendocino 3005 Project Lab COMS Video Lab
Mendocino 3006 Teaching Lab COMS Digital Media Lab