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AL Student Lab Documentation


Lab Users

Instructors and students are individual users for the AL-Labs. Each user has their own “desktop” where they can keep their documents, preferences, and pretty much anything they want. Everything they save and every change in settings is saved in their Home Folder (profile for PCs). Whichever station they log into their home folder will be connected and all of their stuff will be just as they left it (Except Windows 7 stations where the profiles are local to each machine). Since everyone has a personal home folder, it is nearly impossible to force any changes to settings globally. You need to be able to instruct your students on making the necessary changes to the programs you will use, also how to reset preferences for those programs in case things get messed up.

Each user has a quota limit for their home folder. Depending upon how many classes they are signed up for and what kind of classes their quota could be from 1 to 4 Gigabytes. When the quota is reached the student cannot create any more files. Please instruct the students to backup their documents and keep their quota down. Students are responsible for keeping their own data safe. Students working on Video or Music should purchase an external hard drive (Firewire has been more reliable) to work on their projects. Video/Audio cannot be edited over the current network, and using the computers hard drive can cause skipping. The stations in the Audio Lab and Midi Lab have a second local partition (WORK DRIVE) which they can save their work on. It is an unsecured drive so anyone can make changes, even delete work, so please instruct your students to be respectful of others work and label their own.