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Lab Rules

  • No food in the labs
  • Closed drink containers only
  • Do not tamper with hardware or software
  • Do not share your login with others
  • Do not disrupt lab time with Phone Calls or Music
  • Do write your contact info on USB drives, cameras, anything you want to see again
  • Do clean up your area when you leave
  • Do logout when you leave

What are the AL-LABs

These labs are for classes that utilize the special hardware and software the departments in Arts & Letters may have. To help keep the equipment and lab from being worn out by general use the lab stations require the users to register using a signup program.

The lab is not for general computing; please refer to any open campus labs in the Library or AIRC building.

Once signed in the users can access any of the special software we use and any of the hardware in the rooms. The following rooms are part of the AL-LAB authentication system:

  • CPS 301 – Music Department – Midi Lab
  • MRP 1003 – Graphics Design
  • MRP 1005 – Photography
  • MRP 1007 – Art – Computer Art
  • MRP 1009 – Interior Design
  • MND 3002 – Journalism
  • MND 3003 – Journalism
  • MND 3006 – Communication Studies – Film