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Squidnet - Putting scene into project folder

In order for your scenes to render properly in the farm you need to make all of your files available to each node. This means your scene file, all of your textures, etc. need to be organized into one folder and put into the project folder. We also need to have a place for all of the resulting work to be saved. We will go through the steps for doing this with an example project.

NOTE: If you are doing this from home, you will need the Maya 2014 bonus tools which is available from AREA -

  1. Lets make an example scene folder on the desktop called “example_scene_1”.
  2. I open the scene file I want to use and select SAVE AS, and save it as “Scene.mb” inside the example_scene_1 folder on the desktop.
  3. Create a “Textures” folder inside the example_scene_1 folder.
  4. I also create an “Output” folder inside the example_scene_1 folder.maya_examplescenefolder.jpeg
  5. In Maya under Bonus Tools is Rendering → Organize Texture Files. Change the Save Images In entry to be the Textures folder inside example_scene_1.
  6. Make sure the Copy Image files option is selected as well as the Change Path option. Move/Copy all file textures should be checked. Then hit Apply.maya_bonustool_organizefiles.jpeg
  7. Save the Scene.mb file again to write the updated texture links in the file.
  8. Now you should have everything you need to render the scene inside the folder. Open the render farm projects folder and find your project folder. (If you haven't created a project folder yet go here)
  9. Copy the example_scene_1 folder into your project folder.

Excellent! Now you can submit this scene to be rendered.