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Squidnet - Making a project folder

Squidnet works by sending commands to all of the node stations to perform some function on your scene. For this to happen your scene needs to be available to the farm. A Project Folder is a place for you to keep your work for the whole render farm to access. We want to make sure your work does not impact other users so you need to make your own personal project folder for all of your own scenes, textures, output, etc. You really only need to do this once. You can put many scenes in one project folder.

Here are the steps to make your own project folder in squidnet.

  1. Run the Squidnet-UI program. It should be in the applications folder on the computers in MRP 1007
  2. Under the Project menu is Project Manager. Select this. If you do not see any of the other projects in the project manager window chances are the renderfarm share is not accessible at the moment. Reboot the computer and try again. (add link to long technical reason for this issue here)
  3. This should be the first time you use this and you do not already have a project page. Click New Project.
  4. Set the Project Name to your username to make it yours, also to let us know who to contact if a project is having issues. Click OK when the name is correct.
  5. It should create the folder for you in the project path of the render farm. The render farm project path can be accessed by use the finders GO TO FOLDER command (shift-command-G) and typing in /Network/Servers/
  6. That is a long thing to type over and over. I recommend creating an alias for later.