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Squidnet - Compiling images into a Movie

So now the rendering is done and you have a big folder of images which you want to turn into a movie. Here is the easy way to do it. Hopefully you set up the file names to be numbered with the right number of digits so they can be sorted when they are put together.

  1. On the computers in the labs is a program called Sequimago. Run this script.
  2. It will ask for the image files to compile. Find your output folder and select ALL of the images in that folder.
  3. Next it will ask where to save the quicktime movie. I think the desktop would be a good place and not in the render farm folder.
  4. Then it will ask for the timing mode. Since we are doing fast animations we will choose Frames Per Second. I usually pick 20 frames per second, but this really depends upon your own animation.
  5. Next it asks if you want to sort the image files by name first. This is important since the render farm may have made the image files out of order since it did the job on 30 different computers. Choose Yes
  6. It may take a while to compile it into a movie so be patient. If you did not choose the filenames correctly when you did the job you may see sequences out of order.

Good Luck, Have Fun!