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Remote Access

Step 1: Download and connect to SacVPN
  • See IRT documentation on downloading and configuring the Pulse Secure Client at the URL below
  • You do NOT need to submit the access request form, your SacLink account was provisioned access when you created your AL Lab account.
Step 2 (MAC users only): Connect to AL Lab Server
  • Select “Connect to Server…” from the Finder's Go menu
  • In the server address type afp://
  • You may want to save this address by pressing the (+) button
  • Click the Connect button
  • Type in your lab username and password and Click OK
  • Select the Volume you want to mount. Groups has the class folders, the other should be the home folders.
Step 2 (Windows users only): Map Network Drive to AL Lab Server
  • Open the Computer window from the Start Button.
  • Click “Map Network Drive” from the Computer window.
  • Pick a drive letter to use (Z: is good)
  • Type in \\\Groups in the folder field.
  • Check the “Connect using different credentials” box.
  • Click the Finish button.
  • When asked type in the lab username and password into the Windows Security window. You must put ”.\” before your username. ( IE: ”.\sacuser” )