College of Arts & Letters

AL Student Lab Documentation



Each of the labs has a black and white laser printer for general printing. Some labs have color printers and plotters that are only for special print jobs that the instructors and departments handle. The lab stations should configure themselves to use the printer in the room. The printers are named by the room number and printer number. Each printer is labeled to identify it. As an example, the black and white laser-printer in Mariposa Hall 1003 is named MRP1003-P1. We keep the printers stocked with 8×11 and 11×17 plain paper. If you want to use the printer with a computer not part of the labs you can submit a pdf to be printed by using the PaperCut website for the lab.

Some classes use color printers in the labs and keep track of its usage using the PaperCut system. Instructors, If you need value cards for the system please contact Matthew (x84997) or Wes (x83970)