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Groups (Classes)

A group is a collection of users (and instructor) that share items in a group folder. The group folder contains a Drop box for users to place completed work, a Handouts folder for instructors to place items for users to copy but not modify, and a Work folder for anything else. If some users are unable to use the drop box due to some incompatibility it is recommended that the users create a named folder in the “Work” folder. Group folders are created for a class once an instructor has joined the group via the signup program. Users can access the folders once they join via the signup program. All group folders kept on the host named FILES.AL-LAB.CSUS.EDU To access the group folders on a Mac in the Lab

  • Choose “Connect to server” from the GO menu.
  • Type in afp:// and press connect.
  • Choose the “Groups” volume and click OK.

To access the group folders on a PC in the Lab

  • Choose “Run…” from the start menu.
  • Type in the hostname starting with to backslashes, then a single slash and the word Groups at the end. (IE: \\\Groups )

If you are looking for instructions on accessing these from home please refer to the Remote Access page.