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 +=====Adding Fonts=====
 +Users on the Mac systems can add fonts to their own library to make them available for their programs. But before they can do that the Fonts folder must first be created.\\
 +  * From the Finder select Go To Folder from the GO menu and type <​code>​~/​Library</​code>​
 +  * If you see the Fonts folder in this Library folder then you are all set to add fonts. If the Font folder does not exist then create a new folder called <​code>​Fonts</​code>​ and re-login
 +  * Double click on the font you want to add (.TTF, or .OTF), it should show up in a font display window. Click the Install button to verify it and have it added to your font list. Any program running will need to be re-launched to detect the new fonts.