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 ====Features of Sketchup models==== ====Features of Sketchup models====
-Sketchup models can be colorized using the solid color selections from the materials panel. You cannot do textures (photos) for printing using sketch up. Edge lines and non 3d text will not print out either.+Sketchup models can be colorized using the solid color selections ​and textures ​from the materials panel. Edge lines and non 3d text will not print out since they do not have any depth. 
 +====Export to 3DS format==== 
 +Be sure your sketchup file name does not have any spaces in it or any symbol that would cause a problem with DOS filenames such as slashes or periods.\\ 
 +  - Select Export -> 3D Model from the File menu 
 +  - Choose 3DS File (.3ds) from the Format Menu 
 +  - Click the OPTIONS button and verify the following settings 
 +    - Export - Should be Full Hierarchy if you want to export the entire model. (You could use this to limit objects to send to the 3D Printer) 
 +    - Export only current selection - Unchecked 
 +    - Export two-sided faces - Unchecked 
 +    - Export Standalone edges - Unchecked 
 +    - Export Texture Maps - Should be checked if you use any color in your model. 
 +    - Use "Color by layer" materials - Unchecked 
 +    - Generate Cameras from pages - Unchecked 
 +    - Units - Model Units 
 +  - Click OK when your options are set 
 +  - Click EXPORT to save your model. If any textures are used in the model they will also be exported in the same directory as the *.3DS file.