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-Information Technology Consultants Shop+{{ :​wiki:​al_itcshop.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}=====Information Technology Consultants Shop===== 
 +The College of Arts & Letters uses a wide array of technologies in their disciplines. From the MIDI lab in the Music department, to the interactive language lab in Foreign Languages, to the video editing in Communication Studies, technology is a big part of what we do. The ITC Shop provides computer support services for the faculty and staff in the Arts & Letters Departments. We help design and implement new technologies to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We keep the AL Student labs running with over 322 lab stations across campus. We do technology equipment checkouts for some of our classes, digital color prints, 3D models, tutoring. \\ 
 +We support our faculty and staff directly. General computer issues with students are not handled by our shop, and specific issues for students are usually directed to their instructor for support. But feel free to ask if you have a question. We are here to help you.\\ 
 +If you are Faculty/​Staff and want to know how to report a problem or ask a question, please check out our [[itcs:​consultants|Contacts]] page.