College of Arts & Letters

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Arts & Letters has three Information Technology Consultants to support your needs. We cover different areas of the campus so depending upon your department you should contact your local ITC first. We know you each have different preferences for contacting us but we really prefer getting an email. You can call our front desk number (916)278-3857 and it will ring through to whomever is available. If there is an emergency each department secretary, and the Arts and Letters Dean's office has our cell numbers to ring us up.

Lead ITC: Weston Tanton
Office: Mariposa Hall 2054
Phone: (916)278-3970

Career ITC: Bruce Robbins
Office: Mendocino Hall 3010
Phone: (916)278-3842

Career ITC: Jonathan Ahrens
Office: Mariposa Hall 2054
Phone: (916)278-4997