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AL TECH Agenda โ€“ September 21, 2018

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Labs Refreshes 2018
  • Faculty/Staff Computer Refresh
  • Lecturer Computer Policy
  • SacCT Decommission

Labs Refreshes 2018

The College, through Academic Affairs' Lab Refresh Program, was able to fund the replacement/upgrade of computers in these spaces:

Space Qty Cost Ea Cost Total
MRP 1003 - Graphic Design 25 $2,238 $55,950
MND 3003 - Journalism 26 $1,151$29,926
CPS 301 - Music 22 $1,876 $41,272
Provost Contribution 73 ($750) ($54,750)

This years (Summer 2019) planned labs are:

  • MND 3002 (COMS)
  • MND 3005 (COMS)
  • MRP 1009 (DOD-INTD)
  • MRP 2000 (WLL)

Faculty/Staff Computer Refresh

For this year's faculty/staff computer refresh we are replacing 47 systems, 10 of which are new tenure-track faculty. Academic Affairs provided $1,000 per system, the costs below are after that contribution. The IT Shop is currently in the process of distributing these systems. Due to the now typical July ordering, these systems did not arrive until mid/late August. All new faculty received their systems before semester start.

Lecturer Computer Policy

Discussion about how to handle aging lecturer systems, and requests for laptops.

We have about 100 lecturer desktops roughly evenly split between models from 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2016.

SacCT Decommission

This is the last semester for SacCT (Blackboard)! After Fall 18 all courses will be in Canvas. Winter intersession courses will also be in Canvas. General access to Blackboard will be removed after the Fall semester grading deadlines, but the data will be preserved for some time for grade challenges, etc.