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AL TECH Agenda โ€“ April 20, 2018

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Labs Refreshes 2018
  • SacCT Decommission
  • CourseLeaf Curriculum Workflow
  • At-home Equipment Audit
  • Added by Design - Review of coming network home folder changes
  • Added by COMS - Computer refresh for full-time lecturers
  • Added by COMS - Always available support 7:30am-5pm
  • Added by COMS - After-hours support

Labs Refreshes 2018

The College, through Academic Affairs' Lab Refresh Program, was able to fund the replacement/upgrade of computers in these spaces:

  • MRP 1003 - Graphic Design - 25 Apple iMacs
  • MND 3003 - Journalism - 26 Dell laptops
  • CPS 301 - Music - 22 Apple iMacs

These systems will be installed this Summer!

SacCT Decommission

Fall 2018 will be the last semester for SacCT (Blackboard). After Fall 18 all courses will be in Canvas. Winter intersession courses will also be in Canvas. General access to Blackboard will be removed after the Fall semester grading deadlines, but the data will be preserved for some time for grade challenges, etc.

CourseLeaf Curriculum Workflow

CourseLeaf Curriculum Workflow is the replacement for the paper Form-A and Form-B processes for course/program changes. There are Skillport training/workshops available on May 7 and May 10, signups available now. The new system will go online for Form-A and Form-B processing in August.

At-home Equipment Audit

To complete the Property Office's audit of A&L equipment, faculty/staff will be required to bring in laptop computers to the A&L IT shop. At-home desktop computers can either be brought in or stay home and be documented with a photo of the serial number and asset tag sent to one of the College ITCs. An equipment check-out form will need to be filled out for any equipment that goes off campus. The IT shop will manage this process and will send communication to all A&L faculty/staff in the next two weeks.