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AL TECH Agenda โ€“ February 16, 2018

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Welcome
  • A&L Property Inventory
  • CLV 131 Theft Remediation and Security Upgrade
  • Labs Refreshes 2018
  • Mac Labs - Transition to SacLink Systems
  • Mac Labs - Network Home Folders


New members from COMS, MUSC, THEA!

A&L Property Inventory

The Property Management office is conducting an audit of all tagged equipment assets across campus. The IT Shop is assisting this process as Property workers go from office to office throughout all A&L departments. Most of this work is taking place on Friday mornings. The Property office is using this audit to clean up old records that should be retired from inventory. This is also a good opportunity for A&L departments to review inventory tracking practices.

CLV 131 Theft Remediation and Security Upgrade

In the wake of the laptop theft in CLV 131, upgrades to physical security and procedure have been implemented.

Labs Refreshes 2018

Academic Affairs' lab refresh program is on schedule for this Summer. AA will provide $750 per lab station in funding. The following A&L spaces are due for updates this year:

  • MND 3003 - COMS Laptop Lab
  • MRP 1003 - GPHD Lab
  • CPS 301 - MUSC Midi Lab

The server infrastructure for the A&L advanced Mac labs will be undergoing a transition to make better use of SacLink systems and services. This will take place during Summer 2018, and will save the College money on infrastructure costs and remove duplication of services.

Mac Labs - Network Home Folders

The network home folder system used in A&L advanced Mac labs has been causing more frequent issues with software crashing and incompatibilities. It may be time to retire this functionality. Faculty feedback is needed to evaluate available options.