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AL TECH Agenda – February 17, 2017

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • SacCT/LMS replacement
  • Lab Refresh Schedule
  • Faculty Computer Refresh

SacCT/LMS replacement A project to update/replace the campus Learning Management System (SacCT/Blackboard) is underway. The current system, BlackBoard 9.1, is being phased out, and several alternatives are being considered for its replacement. Vendors have come to campus and provided demonstrations of their products. Recorded video of these demonstration sessions is available! The timeline for the new system to come online is Spring and Fall of 2018.

Lab Refresh Schedule

Academic Affairs' computer lab refresh program is moving forward. For the 16/17 year, AA will be able to provide $750/machine in funding assistance to the Colleges. The lab replacement schedule below, covering a 4-year replacement cycle, has been developed to spread the cost replacement systems as evenly as possible across the 4-year period. As with the Faculty Computer Refresh program, machines are being ordered in bulk through IRT, but Colleges have complete freedom in determining the specifications of the systems.

Faculty Computer Refresh

The Faculty Computer Refresh program for the 17/18 year will take place this Summer. We don't yet know the funding level that Academic Affairs will provide. Last year the funding was $1,200 per system. As before, this program is for Tenure-Track/Full-Time faculty and staff. Academic Affairs is not providing funding for lecturer or part-time workstations.