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 ==== Office 365 email transition ====  ==== Office 365 email transition ==== 
 +Faculty and staff email is being transitioned from on-campus to "the cloud" in January. ​ This will not change how you access your email, but it will change the look/feel of the Webmail page, and may cause some hiccups in Outlook on PC and Mac when the transition occurs. ​ As a benefit of this transition, faculty/​staff will be able to send larger attachments and store more items in their mailbox than previously allowed. ​ More information at the URL above.
 ==== IT system downtime December 26 ====  ==== IT system downtime December 26 ==== 
- +The IRT data center will be shutting down for maintenance on December 26.  The outage is expected to last all day (9am-6pm). ​ This will suspend access to all major campus systems, including SacCT, My Sac State, SacLink email, and campus internet, wi-fi, and telephones. ​ The campus homepage ( will remain available with basic functionality. ​ All A&L systems will also be down during this time.
 ==== AL Lab helper app ==== ==== AL Lab helper app ====
 +Brief demo of new AL Lab helper application for A&L advanced Mac labs.
 ==== SacCT/LMS replacement ==== ==== SacCT/LMS replacement ====
 +A project to update/​replace the campus Learning Management System (SacCT/​Blackboard) is underway. ​ The current system, BlackBoard 9.1, is being phased out, and several alternatives are being considered for its replacement. ​ IRT is currently asking for feedback and performing a needs assessment. ​ The timeline for the new system to come online is Spring and Fall of 2018.