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AL TECH Agenda – December 16, 2016

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Office 365 email transition
  • IT system downtime December 26
  • AL Lab helper app
  • SacCT/LMS replacement

Office 365 email transition Faculty and staff email is being transitioned from on-campus to “the cloud” in January. This will not change how you access your email, but it will change the look/feel of the Webmail page, and may cause some hiccups in Outlook on PC and Mac when the transition occurs. As a benefit of this transition, faculty/staff will be able to send larger attachments and store more items in their mailbox than previously allowed. More information at the URL above.

IT system downtime December 26

The IRT data center will be shutting down for maintenance on December 26. The outage is expected to last all day (9am-6pm). This will suspend access to all major campus systems, including SacCT, My Sac State, SacLink email, and campus internet, wi-fi, and telephones. The campus homepage ( will remain available with basic functionality. All A&L systems will also be down during this time.

AL Lab helper app

Brief demo of new AL Lab helper application for A&L advanced Mac labs.

SacCT/LMS replacement A project to update/replace the campus Learning Management System (SacCT/Blackboard) is underway. The current system, BlackBoard 9.1, is being phased out, and several alternatives are being considered for its replacement. IRT is currently asking for feedback and performing a needs assessment. The timeline for the new system to come online is Spring and Fall of 2018.