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AL TECH Agenda – September 16, 2016

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Faculty/Staff (2016) computer refresh
  • Summer 2016 Updates
  • Lab refresh program
  • Lecturer/Part-Time refresh program

Faculty/Staff (2016) computer refresh

Faculty/Staff equipment arrived in August. The IT shop prioritized equipment distribution to new-hire faculty. We are now coordinating/scheduling deployments of the remaining systems.

  • 44/81 systems have been deployed
  • We were able to achieve significant discounts via IRT and the Provost's refresh program
  • A&L had flexibility in what specific systems were ordered
  • The provost provided $1,200 per system.
Faculty computer refresh program (61)
Total Cost $104,153.88
Provost funds ($73,200.00)
A&L Cost $30,953.88
Lecturer workstations (20)
A&L Cost $18,184.50

Summer 2016 Updates

The following spaces had new computers installed:

  • MRP 1005 - Photography
  • CLV 128 - English Writing Center
  • MRP 2002 - WLL Practice Lab

The following labs had smart classroom technology updates:

  • MRP 1005 - Photography
  • MRP 1009 - Interior Design

Lab refresh program

  • IRT is proposing a lab refresh program similar to the faculty/staff refresh program
  • The Provost's office is likely to be on board with this idea
  • The committee should generate a list of questions/concerns/recommendations for this program

Lab refresh notes

  • Fixed funding per system ($1200?) College able to “top-up” funding similar to faculty refresh?
  • What level of priority would this program have for funding if there are future cuts/constraints? Where is the funding coming from?
  • How is the baseline funding level determined?
  • Is there a large initial need?
  • College flexibility to expand number of seats in lab?
  • No partial lab refreshes
  • Software, peripherals, printers?
  • Learning space renovations?
  • Ordering timeline (July/August) is inadequate
  • Flexibility in baseline funding?

Lecturer/Part-Time refresh program

  • IRT is also proposing a refresh program for lecturer/part-time faculty/staff
  • They are looking for ideas on how to operate this program

Lecturer/Part Time notes

  • Lecturer machines tied to offices more than users
  • How to decide how much funding to College (# of lecturers? # of spaces?)
  • 3-year contract lecturers vs AY lecturers?'
  • College flexibility on how to provide systems to lecturers (provide funding directly to College)