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AL TECH Agenda – September 11, 2015

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Faculty/Staff (2015) computer refresh
  • Summer 2015 Updates

Faculty/Staff (2015) computer refresh

Faculty/Staff equipment arrived two weeks prior to semester start. The IT shop prioritized equipment distribution to new-hire faculty. We are now coordinating/scheduling deployments of the remaining systems. Feedback:

  • (+)We were given complete freedom to order what we needed
  • (+)Communication to/from IRT was clear and concise
  • (-)Systems arrived far too late to distribute prior to semester start
  • (-)Still waiting on two machines
  • (-)Some of our Mac systems were delivered to us with incorrect specs, IRT is correcting this
  • (-)Large funding burden still on the College (Provost $35k, College $22k)
  • (-)No plan for part-time, lecturer, “other” stations.

Summer 2015 Updates

The following labs had new computers installed:

  • MND 3002 - COMS Journalism Lab
  • MRP 1007 - Digital Art Studio

The following labs had parts updated/replaced:

  • MND 3006 - COMS Video Lab - RAM upgrade
  • CLV 131 - ENGL Computer Lab - SSD hard drives and RAM upgrade

The following AL LAB support systems were replaced/updated:

  • Lab file server - storage for student/class data
  • Lab application server - wordpress, remote file access