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AL TECH Agenda โ€“ May 8, 2015

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Faculty/Staff (2014) computer refresh status
  • Faculty/Staff (2015) computer refresh status
  • Process/feedback for Provost/IRT
  • Summer 2015 Updates

Faculty/Staff (2014) computer refresh status

We've received all of the 2014 equipment, and are in the process of distributing to faculty/staff.

Faculty/Staff (2015) computer refresh status

List of faculty/staff computers eligible for refresh this year is being compiled. The IT shop will be contacting faculty/staff to confirm and discuss specifications/requirements.

Process/feedback for Provost/IRT

Clarification of the process for faculty/staff equipment, to make sure feedback goes to the appropriate places.

Summer 2015 Updates

The following spaces are being updated with new computers this Summer:

  • MND 3002 - COMS journalism lab
  • MRP 1007 - Digital art studio

The following spaces are receiving updated parts to improve system performance:

  • MND 3006 - COMS video lab
  • CLV 131 - ENGL computer lab

The following AL LAB support systems are being updated:

  • Lab file server - storage for student/class data
  • Lab application server - wordpress, remote file access