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AL TECH Agenda – March 13, 2015

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Faculty/Staff computer refresh status
  • IRT Managed Print Services
  • Summer 2015 Lab Updates
  • Upcoming/Potential Projects

Faculty/Staff computer refresh status

Computer refresh requests have been submitted to IRT for ordering.

IRT Managed Print Services

The campus has signed a contract with Xerox. The only areas in scope for “complete overhaul” are ABA, HR, IRT. Impact to A&L will be the following:

Summer 2015 Lab Updates

For Summer, the following labs have been approved for hardware update/replacement using College funds:

  • COMS (MND 3002)

The following labs are candidates for updates should more funding become available:

  • ART (MRP 1007)
  • ENGL (CLV 131) - postponed from 2014
  • PHOT (MRP 1005)
  • FORL Practice Lab (MRP 2002) - postponed from 2014
  • ENGL Writing Center (CLV 128)

It is unlikely that the College will be able to fund all these labs, so prioritization will be necessary.

Upcoming/Potential Projects

  • A&L Technology Services/Spaces Branding
  • IdeaScale ideation and feedback
  • Managed department printing
  • Self-Service Software
  • WordPress blog enhancement
  • Digital signage expansion
  • Lab smart-classroom technology upgrades
  • Digital asset management system expansion