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AL TECH Agenda โ€“ October 10, 2014

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • ITC recruitment
  • Faculty/Staff computer refresh status
  • CSU Red Folder initiative
  • BlackBoard issues
  • Lab usage statistics (LabStats)
  • IRT lab survey and AL lab branding

ITC Recruitment

ITC position has been posted and will close for applications soon. The selection committee will then review applications and conduct interviews.

Faculty/Staff Computer Refresh Status

The Provost's office, in conjunction with IRT, is implementing a new process for keeping faculty and staff computers up-to-date. This process is still in development, during which time our normal equipment updates have been put on hold.

CSU Red Folder initiative

The Red Folder initiative is a CSU system-wide project to increase awareness and preparation for recognizing and helping students with mental distress. This project will include information and resources distributed to faculty and staff in both physical and digital forms. See

BlackBoard Issues

The SacCT/BlackBoard system has been experiencing problems lately. Symptoms include students being locked out of quizzes and overall slow system performance. IRT web services has engaged several 3rd party support groups to try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, but they do not yet know the cause.

Lab usage statistics (LabStats)

All campus labs are now running LabStats, which is a statistics gathering program that tracks the number of user logins and session durations. This data will help us evaluate lab usage in the college. IRT will also be collecting this data, but they have not specified what the focus of their analysis will be.

IRT Lab Survey and AL Lab Branding

Late last semester, IRT issued a survey to faculty about their lab use on campus. Some concerns were raised about the quality of the survey, and the quality of the data that it would generate. In addition, the Faculty Senate passed a motion to review the usage of labs on campus, but there were concerns that this process did not sufficiently clarify the differences between general-use and discipline-specific lab and learning spaces.