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AL TECH Agenda – February 14, 2014

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Open Forum
  • IT Shop update
  • AL Lab update
    • Creative Cloud
    • LabStats
  • Alertus - Emergency Notification
  • Media Server
  • Summer upgrade list (hopeful)
    • MUSC Midi Lab (CPS 301) - postponed from 2013
    • INTD Lab (MRP 1009)
    • GPHD Lab (MRP 1003)
    • ENGL Lab (CLV 131)
    • FORL Practice Lab (MRP 2002)

IT Shop Update

Matt Mills has taken a position in IRT as Manager of Customer Service, and is no longer working for A&L. The College will be opening his position for hire in the coming weeks. In the interim, Wes and Bruce are handling the necessary responsibilities. There will be a farewell party for Matt on Wednesday February 19 at 3pm in the Library Gallery!

AL Lab Update

Adobe Creative Cloud has been installed in the AL Labs, with the exception of MRP 1009.

LabStats is a program that will be installed on all lab stations to track usage of various software packages and overall lab utilization. The tracking system has been on campus for a while, but has not been well developed. The Faculty Senate is implementing a policy regarding scheduling, assignment, and evaluation of campus labs, and LabStats will help provide data for that initiative.


Alertus is an emergency notification system that presents messages on faculty/staff/lab computers. Alertus will be installed on all campus computers, and in the event of an emergency a full-screen notification will be sent out that will alert the campus to the situation. It will only function on campus, so laptops that are at home or otherwise off campus will not receive notification.

Media Server

The media server project was delayed due to Matt's leaving the College. We hope to resume work on this project soon.

Summer Upgrades

Computer workstations in the following labs will be 4 years old or older this Summer, and so will be due for our regular upgrade schedule:

  • MUSC Midi Lab (CPS 301) - postponed from 2013
  • INTD Lab (MRP 1009)
  • GPHD Lab (MRP 1003)
  • ENGL Lab (CLV 131)
  • FORL Practice Lab (MRP 2002)

In addition, we hope to update our usual complement of faculty/staff workstations. As there are a lot of labs on the potential upgrade list this year, it may be necessary to postpone some updates for budget reasons.