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AL TECH Agenda – December 13, 2013

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Open Forum
  • Winter Break Projects
    • AL-LAB-APP upgrade (license services, open lab printing services, deep freeze admin)
    • Media Server Migration (ELVIS)
    • KBOX Software Library
    • Munki Updates Notification
    • Adobe Creative Cloud in AL LABS
  • 3D & 2D Printing Services Report

AL-LAB-APP Upgrade

This virtual server provides functionality for our labs by issuing license keys for products like AutoDesk, Finale. it also handles some print queues for CLV labs, and LSN labs. It also runs our deep freeze administration program for securing open lab workstations. It is running an older server version than we would like so we will migrate to a newer version over the break.

Media Server Migration

The break is a good time for us to migrate the existing Media Asset database to the new server. Training on the new product can happen in January. I will coordinate this with Sarah Flohr.

KBOX Software

The PC Software library will be setup with kbox. January we will be testing the installation methods before releasing it to our customers. Until that happens if anyone has software needs they should contact their ITC.

Munki Update

The change to munki notification of updates will happen after grades are turned in. We do not want to risk messing up any stations before the grades are finished.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The plan is to update the AL-LABS with Adobe Creative Cloud over the break. Changes to the software is minor and there should not be much to change in any class documentation. We need to do this since many students have CC now and the camera raw plugins for pre-CC are not up to date.