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 +===Computer Policy Discussion===
 +Something that needs to be discussed is the issue of users wanting to keep their old equipment after receiving upgrades. This ends up with us supporting more computers than we can handle, especially ones that are very likely to fail. Our discussions led to the following things...
 +  * Promoting the backup of data will cut down on data loss of older computers
 +  * Moving to more cloud storage can reduce the damage to laptops moving between offices, classes and home
 +  * We need some way to determine the actual usage and needs of faculty for technology, and not just wants
 +  * A four year refresh cycle is working, but not everyone needs it every four years
 +  * People need to feel good about giving old equipment back, some loss counseling would help if they understood their pet computer will be put to good use somewhere.
 +  * A one for one trade, new computer for an old one from the department. This will cut down on expansion of technology scale.