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AL TECH Agenda – October 11, 2013

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Open Forum
  • Software Distribution (Munki/Kbox)
  • Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud Update
  • 3D & 2D Printing Services Report
  • AL Labs Web Services Update
  • Computer Upgrade Policy Discussion
  • Media Server Progress

Software Distribution

We are working on setting up self service software distribution using Munki on Macs, and KBOX on PCs. Macs can get optional installs from the Managed Software Update program in the Utilities folder. PCs get optional installs from the website

Proposed software list for AL Fac Staff

Software Mac PC
Unity Y
Blender Y
Celtx Y
GarageBand Y
Keynote Y
Kindle Y Y
Numbers Y
Pages Y
Sketchup2013 Y Y
Twitter Y Y
iMovie Y
iPhoto Y
FileMaker Pro Y Y
TextWrangler Y
VLC media player Y Y
Audacity Y Y
Chrome Y Y
FileZilla Y Y
Firefox Y Y
EndNoteX6 Y Y
MSOffice2011 Y
SPSS 21 Installer Y Y
VueScan Y Y
Skype Y Y

Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud Update

We have acquired the Creative Cloud license and will be creating individual installers for the software for the self-service systems. Aiming for Winter Break for completion.

3D & 2D Printing Services Report

For the last month $1476 in fee cards were added to the system, with $540.65 in color prints made.
The busiest printer was MRP 1009 with 4157 pages printed in the last 30 days, MRP 1003 came in second with 2103 pages
Transaction Report September 2013
Printer Usage September 2013

We have received our cashier code for 3D print cards. We can start offering 3D prints to students. Documents are almost done for preparing models for print. A workshop will be held in 2 weeks for interested people. We did a bunch of models for INTD for an architectural contest for the California Museum…

Thanks for helping to finish the 3D models. They will be displayed at the Crocker museum tomorrow (OCT 10) at the opening event to the Architecture festival. Very exciting.

AL Labs Web Services Update

One difficult part about the classes using the AL Student computer labs is doing work from home. In order to access the file server students must use the signup routine to put them into a security group of allowed users for VPN Access. VPN software must be installed and configured on their person computers which requires java to be installed and up to date, next they must connect using credentials for the lab. It can be daunting. To help relieve some of this we are testing out a WEB BASED file access to our servers. It is called Ajaxplorer and is open source. A few classes are trying it out to see how well it scales.

Computer Policy Discussion

Something that needs to be discussed is the issue of users wanting to keep their old equipment after receiving upgrades. This ends up with us supporting more computers than we can handle, especially ones that are very likely to fail. Our discussions led to the following things…

  • Promoting the backup of data will cut down on data loss of older computers
  • Moving to more cloud storage can reduce the damage to laptops moving between offices, classes and home
  • We need some way to determine the actual usage and needs of faculty for technology, and not just wants
  • A four year refresh cycle is working, but not everyone needs it every four years
  • People need to feel good about giving old equipment back, some loss counseling would help if they understood their pet computer will be put to good use somewhere.
  • A one for one trade, new computer for an old one from the department. This will cut down on expansion of technology scale.