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AL TECH Agenda – Sept 13, 2013

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • Open Forum
  • Summer Projects Wrapup
  • New Mac Load - Munki
  • Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud
  • Update on projects
    • 3D Printing – Printing Services
    • College Display Project
    • Media Server Upgrade
    • Wordpress Farm

Summer Projects

  • - Faculty/Staff computer refreshes (85 computers) 77 done
  • - Preventative Maintenance OS/Software Updates
  • √ MRP 2000 – Foreign Language Lab Upgrade
  • √ MND 3006 → MND 3002 Move
  • √ MND 3006 – Coms Lab Upgrade
  • √ LSN 2105 – ENGL Writing Lab Upgrade
  • √ LSN 2103 – ENGL Reading Lab Upgrade
  • √ Deploy Server Upgrade
  • Media Server Upgrade (* can be later)
  • √ Web Server Upgrade
  • √ DMLAB WordPress Setup
  • √ Papercut Print Server Upgrade
  • √ Hornet Newspaper Upgrade

New Mac Load – Munki

Problems with previous loads

  • Non admins could not update OS, Flash, Java
  • Updating and adding software required visit
  • Master Collection is large and would take up space in the standard load

Solution is to automate the updates and provide a self-service software installation that does not require admin password. Munki provides the solution. Munki is a set of tools that, used together with a webserver-based repository of packages and package metadata, can be used by OS X administrators to manage software installs. 

Standard Software List

Software Version Location FACSTAFF LABS
iLife'11 11.1 apps/apple STD STD
iWork'09 4.0 apps/apple STD STD
Reader 11.0.03 apps/adobe STD STD
Office2011 14.0 apps/microsoft STD STD
Chrome 27.0 apps/google STD STD
FireFox 21.0 apps/mozilla STD STD
FileZilla 3.7 apps/mozilla STD STD
Audacity 2.0.3 apps/audacity STD STD
KBOX ? utils/dell STD STD
Java 7 Update 1 utils/java STD STD
McAfee 1549 utils/mcafee STD STD
VLC 2.0.7 utils/media STD STD
Flash 11.7 apps/adobe STD STD
Shockwave 12.0 apps/adobe STD STD
EndNote X6 apps/thompsonrueters OPT NA
TextWrangler 4.5.2 apps/barebones STD STD
Adobe Master Collection CS6 apps/adobe OPT STD
Adobe Acrobat Pro CS6 apps/adobe STD -
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 apps/adobe OPT -
Adobe Photoshop CS6 apps/adobe OPT -
Adobe Illustrator CS6 apps/adobe OPT -
Adobe InDesign CS6 apps/adobe OPT -
Adobe Video CS6 apps/adobe OPT -

Adobe Creative Cloud

Things are moving forward. Enterprise CC access will be made available soon. Installs will be put up on MUNKI and KBOX for optional installs.

3D Printing Service – ALPS

Student assistants are being trained for running the Arts and Letters Print Services. Policy and Procedure manuals are being developed and will be presented for review. Papercut Cards will be available for students to buy credits towards prints and 3D builds. If you have a class that will be doing 3D builds please schedule with Matthew to allocate enough time.