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AL TECH Agenda - May 10, 2013 (Last one of the semester)

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30
  • Open Forum
  • Summer Projects
  • KBOX Update
  • Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud
  • ITC Shop Performance Reviews
  • Update on projects
    • 3D Printing
    • College Display Project

Summer Projects

  • Faculty/Staff computer refreshes (89 computers)
  • Preventative Maintenance OS/Software Updates
  • MRP 2000 – Foreign Language Lab Upgrade
  • MND 3006 → MND 3002 Move
  • MND 3006 – Coms Lab Upgrade
  • LSN 2105 – ENGL Writing Lab Upgrade
  • LSN 2103 – ENGL Reading Lab Upgrade
  • Deploy Server Upgrade
  • Media Server Upgrade (* can be later)
  • Web Server Upgrade (* can be later)
  • DMLAB WordPress Setup

KBOX Update

  • Patch Management Meetings every second Wednesday
  • Please report issues to IRT Helpdesk
  • Java / Flash upgrade issues. Requested to not be silent installs.
  • Slowdown with LM_Detect process being investigated
    • Computers that are very out of date causing delays for some users.
    • Plan on preventative maintenance this summer to catch up
    • Opt-in plan for night time (wake on lan) patching

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Adobe announced end of Creative Suite offering
  • Adobe stopping software maintenance option in favor of Creative Cloud licensing which is a monthly lease
  • Enterprise Cloud Licensing still not available yet, but will be soon
  • Interim deal with Adobe is being worked out by the CSU
  • Locally the cost of campus license will be 1/3 Arts and Letters, 1/3 by IRT, and the rest by the other colleges.
  • Arts & Letters will have the CS6 Master Collection available to every station in the college
  • Deal is still being worked out. Nothing firm yet.

ITC Shop Performance Review

  • Before customers leave for the break please send comments and suggestions about the ITC Shop so we can improve our service to Matthew Mills.
  • If uncomfortable about critical comments you can send them to Kimo.
  • We set our performance goals during summer so having input early will help us get better.

Ongoing Projects

3D Printer

Doug, Rachel, and Matthew met to discuss 3D printing, and the lab printing in general. Here are the key points from that meeting

  • Category 4 fees are for charges for a service that is not associated with a class.
  • Category 4 fees are approved on the first Monday of Sept, Dec, March, June
  • Fees should cover Materials, Labor, Maintenance cost, Replacement cost.
  • The focus for staffing the print are should be evenings and weekends (when the ITC Shop is closed, and faculty are not available). 5-9 on weekdays. Photo has allocated 24 hours/week in their funding.
  • Charge needs to be in block amounts for service credits. No refunds are given, and credits can have a sunset. Possibly have papercut use a credit or point value instead of dollars.
  • For 3D printing we need to schedule the projects and work out the demand per week.