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AL Digital Media Labs and Discipline-Specific Computing Spaces


This document will define the scope, mission, and policy of the instructional spaces and supporting systems that comprise the Arts and Letters Digital Media Lab environment (AL LABS). It will also detail the other discipline-specific computing spaces in Arts and Letters that are not part of the AL LABS system.

Spaces and Systems

The following instructional spaces and supporting systems make up the AL Digital Media Labs

AL Digital Media Labs
MRP 1003 Graphic Design Computer Lab
MRP 1005 Photography Computer Lab
MRP 1007 Digital Art Studio
MRP 1009 Interior Design Computer Lab
MND 3002 Journalism Computer Lab
MND 3003 Journalism Laptop Lab
MND 3006 Communication Studies Computer Lab
CPS 301 Music MIDI Lab
AL Digital Media Labs Supporting Systems
Lab Accounts User logins for students and faculty
File Storage Home folders for users and group folders for classes
PaperCut Print Managed printing services for students
WebFile Remote Access Remote access to home and group folders
WordPress Blog Blog sites for students
SquidNET Renderfarm Animation rendering for Digital Art Studio

Arts and Letters also has a number of discipline-specific computing spaces that are not part of the AL LABS system:

AL Discipline-Specific Computing Spaces
MRP 2000 Foreign Language Lab
MRP 2002 Foreign Language Practice Lab
CLV 128 The Writing Center
CLV 131 English Computer Lab
LIB 2023 English Reading and Writing Labs
MND 2002 Communication Studies Audio Suite
MND 3005 Communication Studies Advanced Video Lab
UU 1004 State Hornet Newspaper